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Drug Testing, Inc. will keep your fleet on the road with DOT compliant policies and testing.

Federal Department of Transportation says…

Effective January 1, 1996, if your company employs workers that are required to have Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDLS) your company must:

  • have a written drug and alcohol policy
  • provide employees with details about the policy and testing requirements and procedures
  • provide information where employees can obtain help and treatment for substance abuse problems
  • provide supervisors with two hours of training on recognizing drug and alcohol abuse
  • have a random pool for selecting employees for drug and alcohol testing
  • provide testing within two hours of certain accidents and reasonable suspicion situations
  • use a certified laboratory for urinalysis drug tests
  • have all drug tests reviewed by a Medical Review Officer
  • use certified technicians and approved equipment for breath alcohol testing
  • generate an MIS report documenting the program results for the year

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