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Q – Who is allowed access to my test results?
A – Whoever paid for the test – either a company you are working for or a company that is considering hiring you. If you are doing the test on your own accord, you would be the only person who could obtain the test result.

Q – Will you notify the authorities if I test positive for an illicit substance?
A – NO. We will notify authorities only if you presented a danger with your actions, (such as driving a vehicle under the influence of a drug or alcohol).

Q – Do I need a written “Drug Free Workplace Policy” before testing an employee?
A – YES. It is not good to test employees without their written consent and a complete Drug & Alcohol Testing policy in place.

Q – Is there a difference in the testing laboratories?
A – YES. A lab should be at the minimum approved by the Department of Health & Human Services.

Q – What drugs are usually tested for?
A – The standard test is for 5 basic drugs – Marijuana / Cocaine / Phencyclidine / Opiates / Amphetamines

Q – How long are drugs retained in the body?
A – In a urine screen test, the drugs remain in your system for 48 – 72 hours with the exception of Marijuana. With regular use, Marijuana can be detected for up to 30 days.

Q – Why do I (as an employer), need a “Drug Free Workplace Policy”?
A – To enable you to legally conduct a drug test on your employees, to reduce absenteeism, to reduce worker’s compensation rates, to reduce health care costs, and to provide a safe working environment.

Q – What is an “ETG” test?
A – The ETG can determine possible alcohol usage during the previous 3 days (or 80 hours).

Q – What is a D.O.T. test and why is it different?

A – This test is governed by the Federal regulations (department of transportation), concerning drug & alcohol testing. Drivers who operate a vehicle in excess of 26,000 lbs. are under this type of testing authority, as are pipeline workers, airplane pilots, and Coast Guard personnel.  

Q – How does a hair test work?

A – The hair provides a historical test result that can display drug usage for the previous 90 days.

Q – Is a saliva test very accurate?

A – YES. The window of detection can be somewhat narrower than a urine screen on certain drugs.

Q – How long does alcohol stay in the system after ingestion?

A – The definition of a “drink” is an alcoholic beverage containing 0.060 oz. of alcohol. A normal size person with average metabolism will dissipate 1 “drink” from their system in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes  AFTER  ingestion.

Q – When will the test results be available?

A – We can perform an immediate result test that is readable in 5 – 8 minutes. The laboratory based test result takes about 24 – 48 hours to become available.

Q – If I am an owner-operator of a CDL (commercial driver’s license) required vehicle, do I still have to test?

A – YES. You are only exempt from the regulations if the vehicle is used in a farming operation. You are also required to have a FMCSA  (federal motor carriers safety administration) written drug & alcohol policy.

Q – Where do I find information regarding the D.O.T. regulations?

A – You can call us at 970-249-1113 or access the web site for FMCSA at:

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