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Drug Testing Inc.

Test panels that are under DOT regulations or DOT look-alike company panels,

test only for 5 categories of drugs: 1) amphetamine and some of its analogues

3) cocaine

4) opiates (limited to codeine, morphine, and 6-acetyl morphine)

5) phencyclidine

What this means is that an employee or applicant taking hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone,

or oxymorphone in any of their many formulations will not be reported by the laboratory as a positive.


Will hemp containing products (seeds or oils), result in a positive test for marijuana?

It shouldn’t – but many of these products are manufactured outside the United States and are not

regulated or tested and there is no assurance that all components of the marijuana plant that contain

the psychoactive substances have been removed.


Can the drug levels in urine be used as the basis for action? (termination or discipline)

DON’T DO IT ! The number of unknown factors affecting the level of a drug in the urine specimen

makes the actual level of the drug USELESS in determining impairment, proper use, or abuse.

In the DOT regulated tests, federal regulations prohibit the MRO from reporting the drug levels to

the DER.


Decongestant nasal inhalers (over the counter), sometimes cause concern in drug test results.

Depending on the ingredient, this may give a positive for methamphetamine including the

confirmation test. However, it has much less psychoactive effect than d-methamphetamine

and is generally safe to use. To differentiate from the illicit form of d-methamphetamine and

the OTC product, the MRO must request the lab to perform an additional test.